The 11 weirdest things dogs do have an explanation

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Dogs often do things that we humans find very strange. However, they are not crazy behaviors; they all have a series of quite logical explanations that ethologists and researchers of canine behavior have studied and shared with us.

Here we tell you what 11 weird things your dog can do, and we give you the explanation of the experts so that you can better understand your furry.

Eat Stone

Be very careful with this because the stones could pierce the intestine of the animal. As usually happens when a dog eats grass, ingest stones, sand, or cement, what the dog tries is to cause vomiting because it has discomfort such as kidney problems or heartburn. 

Rolls on the ground

Many dogs find it really pleasant to wallow in the grass or on a carpet. It’s like a massage for them. Some times they are calling our attention. At other times it may mean that something is itchy (eye with fleas, ticks, and allergies) or they are uncomfortable. So we must pay proper attention when our dogs do such rolls continuously.

Eat poops

Many causes can lead your dog to eat poop. The most common: the feed dogs take contains too many cereals, and the animal has nutritional deficiencies, that they suffer from a digestive problem, so it means they do it because of stress or illness.

Sometimes dogs even eat poop out of boredom, for attention, or to avoid punishment.

Chase its Tail

Does your dog chase its tail occasionally? It may be that they are bored and try to entertain themselves for a while, especially if it is a puppy.

Move a hind leg when you touch its belly.

It’s nothing bad, just a reflex-like the one we humans have in the knee when the doctor hits us with a small hammer. What happens to your dog is called a scratch reflex. When something tickles or irritates the animal, the nerve found in its skin sends a signal that causes a hind leg or both to move, to remove any insect or spikelet that could have remained attached to its fur.

Shake his Toy

Many dogs holding their toy between their teeth, begin to move their heads from side to side as if shaking. The explanation for this “rarity” is in his most primary instincts because it is what he would do in nature with a prey: hunt it and kill it.

Smell the pee of others

Why are dogs passionate about sniffing the pee of others? The answer is that from this substance, the animal obtains valuable information as if the one who has urinated is a dog or bitch or she is in the heat or not. This eagerness to smell the pee is very typical in dogs.

Hide Food

The tendency to hide food relates to natural instincts in dogs. Wolves buried the food to have reserves in case of famine. Our pets, well-fed, do not usually do it.

Bite the tail

It’s no longer that dog is chasing its tail, but if it directly bites tail! This behavior can mean pain or the presence of a parasite that is bothering the dog.

Chase bicycles, motorcycles, cars, people running

Regarding this behavior, ethologists affirm that dogs, by instinct, pursue everything that moves, but it is also indicative that the dog is not socialized, that it does not know those moving objects. Everything is a curiosity for him.

Go for an imaginary ball

Hasn’t it ever happened to you that you have made the gesture of throwing the ball at your dog, and he has run off like a spring for the ball even though you have not really thrown it? The dogs are very playful animals and remain alert to the possibility of good game time. Therefore, due to the desire to play, he shoots even when there is no ball.

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