How to teach a puppy to go to the bathroom


Throughout these months, the query that has been repeated most on the web is curiously how to teach a puppy to go to the bathroom and make their needs in a specific place. It is entirely normal that when we adopt a more adult puppy or dog, their needs are done at home.

Although there are some guidelines to follow to correct behavior and teach it to do where it belongs, either at home in a place approved for it or simply to do it outside the home.

My puppy pees at home

If this is your situation, the first thing you should know is that it is completely normal for your puppy to pee and poop inside the house. No dog is born taught, and it is our obligation to educate them correctly to avoid things like this.

If your puppy is less than three months old or does not have all the vaccines on, remember that he cannot leave home, because he could catch some common disease in dogs and dangerous for puppies with the immune system which is still undeveloped. 

So the only option is to teach your puppy to go to the bathroom and do his things inside the house, in a place enabled for it, it can be a balcony/terrace/garden, the kitchen, the bathroom itself. Where you better believe and that is obviously always accessible to the dog.

My adult dog pees inside the house

If your dog is a new member of the family, it is completely normal to pee or poop at home. This is due to several factors, how:

  • Environment change
  • Change of schedules in the walks
  • Stress/nervousness
  • Lack of Adaptation

It takes a dog at a general level between one and three months to adapt to a new environment/home, so just be patient, give affection and practicing the advice below.

How to teach a puppy or dog to pee in a certain place in the house

You have to dedicate time and patience to teach a dog to pee or poop in one place at home. If it is a puppy, we will have even more patience if possible, and follow the same steps continuously.

The first thing we should do is locate a place that is always accessible to the puppy. A corner in the kitchen, a bathroom can be a good place. There we will place a training tray, which is nothing more than a place to teach our dog to urinate.

It is very important to place a training tray for two reasons:

  • The dog will associate its smell to a place where it can pee or poop
  • Soakers that absorb the pee can be put in seconds, thus eliminating odors and making the area more hygienic.

Soakers are like a kind of small thin blanket that is placed on the training tray. They are like diapers but shaped like a small blanket. They will help us keep the training tray clean and avoid bad odors.

We can also use alternative newspaper papers, but they are not as hygienic since many times the puppy is given to bite, break and scatter them throughout the house.

The trick for our puppy to learn to pee only on his training tray is to congratulate him a lot when he does it there. Hugs, verbal congratulations and even some prize in the form of a cookie for dogs.

On the other hand, when he pees in a place where he should not do it, we have to ignore it completely. Yes, you read correctly, nothing to quarrel, or pout, or speak in an angry tone, or anything. Just ignore it completely. If we catch him right at the moment, we can try to take him to the place where he should pee and if he ends there, congratulate him very much.

You have to be patient with them, insist again and again on the recommended guidelines, and with patience and time, we will see how they finally learn. After three months and as long as you have their vaccines on, they can go outside, and we can teach them to do their things outside the home.

How to teach a dog to urinate and defecate outside the home

This part is the most fun and simple at the same time since both the dog and you will enjoy putting it into practice. The first thing we should know is that these techniques are applicable in both puppies and adult dogs, both learn in the same way.

We must create a consistent list of outputs since our dog will need to make his needs several times a day. It is advisable to take our dog or puppy at least four times a day if they are more times, better than better.

For example, an exit in the morning when we wake up (08.00h), an exit at noon (13.00h), an exit in the afternoon (18.30h) and one last pee at night before bedtime (23.00h). You can adapt the schedules as they come best, but remember always to respect them.

Our dog will quickly get used to the schedules and with patience and practice will learn to endure his needs until the time of the walk comes.

The technique is very simple, congratulate our dog every time he pees or poops away from home, it’s that simple. You have to cheer him up verbally by congratulating him, caressing him. This is the easiest and most practical way in the world, to teach a dog to pee outside the home.

Remember never to scold him when he does it at home, just ignore it. In this way, your dog will learn this trick very quickly and eventually stop doing his things completely at home, except obviously for an accident.

A puppy can take two to four months to learn completely, while an adult dog can do so in one or two months. Patience, perseverance and encouragement, it seems somewhat complex, but it is very simple.

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