Causes, symptoms and how to end boredom in dogs

boredom in dogs

Can dogs get bored? Absolutely yes, in the same way, that we humans get bored. Maybe the answer has surprised you, but it is in the well-being of dogs, Including, adequate food, clean water, rest, vaccines, veterinary checkups and caresses of the human, The animal mustn’t live permanently bored. This boredom can trigger even depression, and you don’t want your dog to go through that trance, right?

In scientific research Bestial Boredom of Charlotte C. Burn, of The Royal Veterinary College published in 2017, it is concluded that a dog’s brain can be affected if it passes many hours without receiving any stimulus or what is the same if time passes boring. And the level of brain damage can be so brutal that even the brain size can be reduced.

Causes and consequences of canine boredom

Too much time alone

A dog can get bored if he spends a lot of time alone at home.

Need new challenges

A dog will get bored if he doesn’t receive new physical and mental challenges, just like it would happen to you.

Have compulsive behaviors

Chasing the tail relentlessly or licking constantly are clear signs of boredom in dogs. These behaviors are known as stereotypy.

It barks a lot

It is clearly calling your attention. Even if a person lives alone for a long time, one may be suffering from separation anxiety.

Smash the house

Do you find a new destruction every day when you return home? Your dog may need to exercise more to burn all the energy inside, and he is bored while being alone.

Seems to be depressed

If you see the dog decayed, who has no appetite or more tired than usual, it may be depressed, and this depression may be due to boredom itself.

Disobeys you

When a dog is bored, though, they’ll take it to the extreme, and there is a possibility that a dog could start disobeying you due to boredom

Tips to Avoid Dog Boredom

Here are some easy tips to bypass dog boredom and keep him engaged.

Go for a walk

We know that it is not always possible to take the dog out all the time it wants, but, at a minimum, you have to walk it three times a day and a half an hour each time. Try to make some of the rides last a little longer.

Pay more attention

One of the measures to end your dog’s boredom is to pay more attention: make more plans with him, try to relate to other dogs and other people, etc.

Organize fun activities for him

Take advantage of any of the walks, throw your dog the ball, or take it to a dog park that has facilities for dogs to play. You can also throw snacks that your dog likes, around the house, so that sniffing reaches them and eats them.

Give him interactive toys

Toys will make the dog entertained when you are not at home and will stimulate his mind.

Teach him new tricks

Dogs love to feel useful and learn new things. Therefore, teaching the pet tricks such as sitting, kicking, lying down, or waiting for the traffic light to turn green to cross the crosswalk will represent a perfect mental challenge to keep boredom away.

Consult the veterinarian

We are clear that only a vet can best help you understand what is wrong with your dog and how to solve it, so if the situation gets longer, even by putting these tips into practice, take him to the clinic.

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