Basic Needs to Take Care of Your Dogs

Needs to Take Care

Before taking a dog into your family, it is essential to know how to take care of it. You need to provide for its basic needs, both physical and emotional.

Finding the ideal products for your puppy can be enjoyable — and there are plenty of them to choose from.

The essentials for feeding the animal, the necessary toiletries for its skin and hairdresser, the products needed for the walk, a mattress or cot for when dogs sleep, a toy, and a portion of good food will be what you need. The rest will be extras that we crave or that have been created as a luxury for animals.

For food: feeder, drinking fountain, and feed.

Human hygiene products are exclusively ours. Its use in the dog can cause dermatological alterations of different considerations.

As for the basic, we need to go to the park, and we must have proper walking goods so that it will be easy for both the dog and us.

On the other hand, toys are usually compulsory items purchased by the owner to meet the needs of his animal.

Also, we should never forget that toys do not cover all the needs of interaction with your dog. You have to participate in entertainment with the dog.

If you do not want your dog to miss anything, do not miss the points below.

The feeder

It must be easy to clean, resistant to its bites, and adequate to the volumes of food that the dog will take during the day.

Drinking fountain

The same happens with the feeder. Also, watch that you always have clean, freshwater, nobody likes to drink somewhat hot water and with some piece of food or dirt.

The brush

We must adapt the tools to brush and cut the hair of our pets. Brush, card, clippers or scissors, get the complete kit helped by a professional and always be a good brand.


The soap or shampoo must be specific to dogs. You can find a good shampoo or soap for your dog at any mall or any pet shop, or you can also purchase online.

Collar or harness

There are many materials, shapes, uses, colors. While choosing a harness for your dog, make sure it doesn’t irritate your dog, it must be of proper size. If it’s a calm dog, you can also use a simple and good leather collar.


It must be of a size that allows the dog to rest comfortably when it acquires its final size.


You can have 3 or 4 toys for your dogs, it’s enough, but there is nothing wrong if you buy more toys for your little friend, it’s all up to the dog’s owner. Toys are not essential goods for a dog, but it’s good to have them.


As we have said, let’s not choose toys shaped like objects. It will confuse them.

A proper dog feed

We must rely on our veterinarian to choose the most suitable food. He is responsible for the health of our friend, and one of the main points for health is a proper diet. The best quality feeds are the highest-priced, but this is usually fully justified by the balanced supply of nutrients.

Bad idea

The purchase of pet food without professional advice and buying one because we saw an advertisement for it on tv or social media, or it is on sale, it’s really a bad idea. Do not cut the budget on food. We will be cutting the health of our dog.

With these things in hand, you’ll be well-prepared to welcome your pup to his new forever home.

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